We don’t do it alone

During his keynote speech at World Domination Summit, Zack Anner openly expressed his gratitude for his best friend. Since Kindergarten, this person has been a constant companion for Zack (who has Cerebral Palsy & is wheelchair-bound). As result of the love of his friend, Zack has had opportunities, experiences and joys that would have otherwise never been possible.

Zack then set a homework task for everyone in the audience; think of someone who was there for you at some point in your life—someone who helped you grow—then, during lunch break call them, and thank them.

I called my Mum.

Zack Anner - World Domination Summit 2016

Zack Anner – World Domination Summit 2016

We don’t do it alone.

As a child, I wanted to learn piano.

I was intrinsically motivated to do it, and happily took to it. However, after I’d been learning piano for a little less than a year, the initial novelty period of exciting discovery was over, and I had ever so slightly crossed the very blurry line between ‘happy, intrinsically-motivated task that I really want to do with my time’ and ‘chore’ – possibly my second least favourite word ever.

It hadn’t even really crossed that far over the line. On the whole, I was still really enjoying piano, but my attention had waned slightly in the face of the challenge that comes with a new task. In fairness, I was a 9 year old kid.

I remember going to my Mum. The conversation went something like this:

W: Hi Mum!
M: Hi darling.
W: I think I’m going to quit piano.
M: No.
W: …no?
[Calm. Not to be argued with]
M: No. Sorry, but no.
W: Oh…k.

Tough times…even mild ones…can make you want to give up. Sometimes, we just need a little time to rediscover the magic. Or perhaps for someone to tell us—with all the love in the world—to get back to work.

Thanks Mum.

Homework Task
I’m going to set the same homework task for everyone reading. Think of someone who helped you grow at some point in your life, then call that person and thank them. It’s highly likely it will make their day, and yours.


Children Arrive by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek (from the soundtrack to ‘Finding Neverland’).

Song link. This is my favourite thing to play on the piano.