Music. The most important thing.

You have to allow yourself to be overwhelmed. You have to be willing to be overwhelmed. You have to have the right music, and you have to be patient.

It isn’t an Afternoon Adventure without the music.

Have you ever noticed that music grows on you? Occasionally (and I love it when this happens), the music will catch you from the first listen. You’ll fall instantly, and you’ll do anything to hear it again. The sooner the better, and never mind if it happens 5 times in a row before you start to worry you’re over-doing it (the risk, that you’ll get sick of it).

But more often than not, the music becomes better over time. First listen generally just peaks your curiosity. Something within that particular audio spectrum and combination of notes and rhythms made you feel something. It opened a little door in your mind.

Whether intentionally or not, you discover the intricacies; it imprints on your memory, and you have the benefit of anticipation. Excitement over where the music will lead. The places within your mind the music leads you to.

When was the last time you gave a piece of music; your favourite piece of music your utmost attention? To appreciate it on level previously inexperienced? To gently pull it apart, acknowledging the individual elements that came together so seemingly seamlessly. It feels like liquid diamonds flowing into your mind through your headphones.

I cannot state this strongly enough: the music is one of the most important elements of Afternoon Adventuring. Being such a subjective thing, I recommend carefully considering your playlist. What is the music that makes you feel alive? Also, think about: What tracks are good for walking, jogging, or pondering over a super-slow stroll?

Should you feel at a loss, start with this one and go from there: The Pipe Tunes by Shooglenifty.

Throughout this blog, I will include my suggestions for life-changing tracks, or tracks that inspired and influenced particular posts. Take them or leave them as you desire.


I don’t feel it would be exaggerating to say that music has saved me on more than one occasion. It may well have saved you too at some point in your life…whether you know it or not.

I am so grateful to all manner of artist, but to the musicians; the people who help create these moments of transcendent, perfectly sun-soaked melodic bliss for me, I beg you to keep doing what you’re doing.


The Pipe Tunes by Shooglenifty
Liquid Diamonds by Tori Amos