The city you’ve heard you’ll love – Adventuring in Portland, Oregon

I got lost in Portland. Like, actually lost.

It was at least 8:45pm and there was still light in the sky. At the time, I was quite happy and only mildly nervous. It would be another hour of walking before I would relent and open google maps on my phone.

At the time, I stopped to get my bearings. I turned around and then I saw her. I made a sound of some type; ’ugghh’ is the closest I can write. Strangely, I haven’t felt the need to photograph a great deal in Portland. But as soon as I saw her, the camera was out. Continue reading

Why you should come back to World Domination Summit with me.

Today, I turn 31.

It is the first birthday I have ever spent alone, without family or friends close by. With World Domination Summit only just wrapped up, this is probably a good thing. I have some serious thinking to do.

I have happily decided to embrace this opportunity by heading out on a full-day walking adventure throughout Portland. I really don’t see any other choice. Continue reading

USA: a welcome new perspective.

On my first day in San Francisco, I asked a recently-made American friend, Kelsey, what she liked most about living there. She thought for all of about 1.4 seconds, then replied;

“The sky. I love the sunsets here.”

Best. Answer. Ever.

An Australian perspective.

Living on our lovely yet lonesome island out in the middle of the ocean can often feel a tad isolating to us Australians. Aside from beautiful New Zealand, we’re not terribly close to…well…anywhere. Continue reading