The Aspiring Productivity Ninja.

There’s nothing quite like feeling organised.

Every day, I’m discovering this more and more. As a multipotentialite (someone with multiple creative pursuits), I’ve found time management an ongoing hurdle to overcome.

We put so much money into building and managing our money, but how much do we really spend on managing our time? How could we better optimise and maximise our time to ensure that we’re progressing on the things we want to, and making time for the things most important to us? Continue reading

Where the focus goes, the energy flows.

I love coming home after an international adventure. It always feels like a new start.

…and I feel like something exciting is coming.

Over the last five weeks, I have had the opportunity to afternoon adventure in some pretty damn phenomenal places. But when it comes down to it, this well-trodden, 2-hour walking route in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia is really just as good.

It’s great to be home.

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