Music. The most important thing.

You have to allow yourself to be overwhelmed. You have to be willing to be overwhelmed. You have to have the right music, and you have to be patient.

It isn’t an Afternoon Adventure without the music.

Have you ever noticed that music grows on you? Occasionally (and I love it when this happens), the music will catch you from the first listen. You’ll fall instantly, and you’ll do anything to hear it again. The sooner the better, and never mind if it happens 5 times in a row before you start to worry you’re over-doing it (the risk, that you’ll get sick of it). Continue reading

The Afternoon Adventurer

The Afternoon Adventurer exists for, generally speaking, 1-2 hours a day or less between the hours of 4-7pm, depending on the season.

More often than not, my home in South-East-Queensland, Australia is gifted with a clear afternoon and an air temperature ideally suited for time spent outside.

I start hearing the call mid-afternoon as the heat begins to leave the day. Invariably, there comes a point in the hours that follow where, if a window is close by, it becomes impossible to work with any measure of productivity. The golden, sideways light cast by the sun is simply too much to resist, and the thought of missing one more moment of it in front of a screen gets me quickly moving.

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