Why you should come back to World Domination Summit with me.

Today, I turn 31.

It is the first birthday I have ever spent alone, without family or friends close by. With World Domination Summit only just wrapped up, this is probably a good thing. I have some serious thinking to do.

I have happily decided to embrace this opportunity by heading out on a full-day walking adventure throughout Portland. I really don’t see any other choice.

What it was.

The World Domination Summit main stage event was effectively a series of inspiring TED-style talks, carefully crafted to direct your thoughts toward the things in your life that really (…like actually really) matter. It works. With each talk, the collective mindset of the entire WDS community deepens further into gratitude and excitement.

WDS Day 2-7

This is the magic of WDS. Ultimately, it’s not about the content. It’s not even about the fact that the room is filled with some of the greatest creative minds in the world. For me, it is about arriving in a very specific, very necessary place in ones mind where one becomes able, ready and willing to dare; to reject the status-quo, live unconventionally, and to strive for a remarkable life and a sustained, super-strong feeling of ‘aliveness’.

I think we all desire this, and in theory, understand it. But I feel we are largely unaware when we don’t hold a properly optimized mindset geared toward for a life we actually want. Life gets in the way, and we forget to remind ourselves to check.

WDS solves this. It helps you discover what you knew all along. Suddenly, it all becomes easy.

…well, less hard.

But you’ve got to be there. Actually there. In the room. Videos don’t do it justice.

WDS Day 3-3

What I actually got from WDS:

The main take-aways.

  • The knowledge that my mindset around money has been wrong, and possibly limiting. I learned this not from a presenter, but from the courageous honesty of my new friend Herman Visagie, who spotted my limiting mindset and challenged me on it.
  • A happy reminder that we are limitless by Chelsea Dinsmore. I was then given the opportunity to thank her personally after she accidentally spilled beer on me at the after-party.
  • A new appreciation of friends and family from Zach Anner.
  • A renewed, supercharged sense of gratitude from Lewis Howes.
  • A clever way to hack the travel system from Stephanie Zito.
  • The incredible experience of looking directly into the eyes of another human, as they look at yours, in silence, for more than 2 minutes at a time. A true connection. It’s nowhere near as scary as it sounds.

This is where your people are.

Every single person who attends in some way feels scared and vulnerable. In all likelihood, we’re all absolutely terrified that our individual offerings to the world aren’t worthy. But we are still doing it. We are still trying. And we’re getting better.

Through WDS, you bear witness to the process of human beings (yourself included) coming to life, all the while striving to locate and hack the path through which their own uniquely inspiring gifts may come to life, inspiring others to do the same.

That’s damn cool. I’m glad to be a part of it.

WDS Day 3
See my full WDS 2016 gallery here.

Portland’s pretty damn cool too. I think they’re all telling the truth about this place.


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