Bill Simpson

Hi, and welcome.

It’s wonderful to have you here.

Before we begin, a confession:

I make no promises that my words contain any measure of value whatsoever (merely quiet suspicion, and hope). First and foremost, I write and create for myself—for my own enjoyment & fulfillment.

However, I promise I will never waste your time (intentionally, at least).

Thank you for being here. It means more than you know.


My name is William. I also go by ‘Bill’.

I am a ‘Multipotentialite‘.

It’s a mouthful, I know, but in a nutshell…

A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. I don’t have just one true calling, I have many.

Every single thing I do in my day, whether for work, adventure or fun, is some way in service of my own never-ending search for beauty, excellence and an overwhelming, life-giving feeling of wonderment.

It is through this blog that I:

A) Share reflections on Life, Beauty, Appreciation, Daring and Adventure.
B) Chronicle my own adventures in creativity (the most-effective and productive path to fulfillment that I have come across).

It’s truly wonderful to have you here, and it is my sincere hope that in some small way, these words help you on your own path to a resounding presence of awe and wonder within your life…

…or will at least prompt you to consider taking a walk this afternoon.

William Simpson

That’s me.
I also have an alter-ego of sorts. I call him:
The Afternoon Adventurer.

A little more about me, and my background…

Appreciation, beauty and introversion.

My favorite thing to do is appreciate. To notice the beauty and the excellence within the world—especially that which often goes unseen—and to simply ‘drink it in’, as Anne Shirley would say.

WDS Day 1 (2)-2

Portland, Oregon, USA.


I am not immune to the need for human connection, and I value the relationships in my life above anything else. However, I have always felt the least lonely in my own company, and constantly seek moments of solitude.


Montmarte, Paris, France.


It is my wish to walk as many of the cities, valleys, beaches & mountains of the world as I possibly can, writing, photographing & searching.


Vancouver, Canada.


I am an avid movie and music buff. The movies are my favourite way to unwind, and I will buy music before I buy clothes.

Tap Dance (Yes…tap dance.)

Since discovering the art of tap dance at age 16, I have completely thrown myself into exploring everything this art form can offer. I have taught and performed all over the world. It has been the major focus of my life for over 10 years.

I will undoubtedly talk more about my adventures in this strange & magical world. If you’re curious, check out this little video.

William Simpson Tap Dance

A new direction…

…several, in fact.

I recently discovered the term ‘Multipotentialite’ (a person with many creative interests and pursuits), which became my permission slip for living the life I actually wanted, happily resulting in the end of my own ‘Quarter Life Crisis’. I have much to learn, but for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am on track.


That’s me as well.

I grew up in Currumbin, Queensland, Australia, and I currently live and work in Brisbane. I have a Golden Labrador named Ellie.

I am many things, but first and foremost I am a creator.

I’m happily still finding my way. There is much to come, and much I have yet to learn. But I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey so far, and in theory, I will get better over time.

I’d love to connect!

(…I’m still mastering the art of social media, but I try to keep it interesting.)

Again, thank you for visiting.

If you’d like to explore a little further…
Start with your strengths.


Queensland, Australia.